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  • 2017/06/02
    Information [ for super computing system users ]
    The Center news No.27 (in Japanese) is published.PDF
  • 2017/05/26
    Information [ upgrade of application program on May 24, 2017 ]
    1. Upgraded ADF and ADF-GUI
     We have upgraded ADF and ADF-GUI from version 2016.102 to 2017.103. Please refer to official ADF website for more details on ADF and ADF-GUI.
    2. Upgraded Mathematica
     We have upgraded Mathematica from version 11.0.1 to 11.1.1. Please refer to official Mathematica website for more details on Mathematica.
    3. Installed ANSYS Multiphysics and ANSYS Electromagnetics
     We have installed ANSYS Multiphysics 18.0 and ANSYS Electromagnetics 18.0. Please refer to official ANSYS website for more details on ANSYS.
  • 2017/05/10
    Information [ maintenance operation of the supercomputing system ]
    Service suspension period: May 24 (Wed.) 9:00 -- May 26 (Fri.) 10:00, 2017
  • 2017/05/02
    Information [ installation of application program CRYSTAL14 ]
    We have installed CRYSTAL14 on application server.
    Please refer to official CRYSTAL website for more details on CRYSTAL.
  • 2017/04/04
    Information [ for super computing system users ]
    The Center news special (in Japanese) is published.PDF

supercomputing system

The supercomputing system at the Center for Computational Materials Science, IMR, Tohoku University aims to serve as "a solution for researchers on materials design to realize sustainable world by computer simulation", which is mainly composed of the HITACHI SUPER TECHNICAL SERVER SR16000 Model M1 with the total operation speed of 300TFLOPS. We welcome researchers from over the world to use the system prepared with a number of tuned softwares for theoretical materials design and sufficient technical support.

System configuration is here.PDF