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Institute for Materials Research,
Tohoku University

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Public information




About computational materials design


2018/ 5/31

[ for supercomputing system users ]

The Center news No.29 (in Japanese) is published.


[ update of the supercomputing system ]

We are planning to update the supercomputing system from the middle of April in 2018.

1. Update schedule

End of present supercomputing system : Apr. 12 (Thu.) 9:00, 2018
Start of new supercomputing system (schedule) : Aug. 1 (Wed.) 13:00, 2018

We will cancel all running and pending jobs at April 1st and one cannot run any jobsafter April 1st, 2018. However, one can login to the supercomputing system and download own data until April 11.

2. Outline of the new supercomputing system

Please see new_system.pdf.

3. Data transfer

We will transfer data on one’s home directory except for SAS areas (/home/UID/sassuper and /home/UID/sasapp) to the new supercomputing system. If one needs data on SAS areas, be sure to download by the end of supercomputing system service.


[ for supercomputing system users ]

The Center news No.28 (in Japanese) is published.